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Our Winter Schedule IS up and running (Jan 2 - April 30) and copies are available in the lounge.  There are a few changes, so do check it out and let's get IN THE SPIRIT!!!  

ADDITIONS:  Pilates are now on Monday nights at 7:30pm (starting in January).  Some regular Evening classes are 15 minutes later, so check before 2018 and there will still keep the "on-going" Prenatal series (Tuesdays at 7:30pm, please register with Kris ([email protected]), plus MORE Kids and Teens series.

NOTE:  Zumba is only Sundays now.


Learn to Bellydance with Corinna. New series begins Friday, March 2nd. Class runs Friday evenings from 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm. March 2 to April 13 (no class Good Friday, March 30). Learn the fundamental movements of bellydance while having a lot of fun! This class is suitable for complete beginners or those with some bellydance experience. $89+HST for the 6 week series. Contact the studio to register.

 (8pm - 9pm) beginning March 5th
8 Week Series - $119 + HST
Pre-register now @ In The Spirit Yoga Studio or contact Kailey for more info:
(416) 219 6265 - [email protected].

8-Week series, starting: Sunday, Feb 18, 2018 @ 11:45am.
In our learn series, we will adopt the foundations of basic yoga posture, alignment, breath work, and relaxation techniques. Only $119 + HST!

Manifest all that you desire! In this 8-week intention flow program, we will dive deep into 2018 using yoga, intention, meditation and journaling to guide us into possibility. Only $119 + HST! Begins Sunday, Feb 18, 2018 (1pm-2pm)

CURVE APPEAL/ ESSENCE OF FEMININE ENERGY... a journey of discovering the essence of YOUR feminine energy: how your feminine energy resides in your body based on your frames of reference, how you respond to this, and how body moves in this context, Come find delight in yogic movement and explore alongside like minded wonderful women in a feminine respectful and appreciative environment. Led by Audrey - beginner friendly and full of fun, female energies only please.

Thurs 15 March - 3 May, 8 weeks, $119 +HST

Sat 17 March - 5 May, 8 weeks, $119 plus HST


MEDITATION... join us to develop and maintain an effective meditation practice in a safe and supportive space. Benefits: too numerous to mention but include: reduction of tension, release of the negative, fostering of calmness and awareness of what is relevant or superfluous to your present journey. Led by Audrey - beginners and seasoned meditators welcome.

Sat 17 March - 5 May, 8 weeks, $119 + HST

TRUDY/ KAILEY'S KIDS, PRE-TEENS & TEENS YOGA - Jan 3 to March 7th 6:00pm - 7:00pm WEDNESDAY NIGHTS, $129
Designed specifically for teens (ages 11 to 16) includes yoga poses (asanas), breath, meditation and journalling... a life changing experience for your teens.  RSVP [email protected]

KAILEY'S KIDS YOGA & NATURE EXPLORERS PROGRAM - $169 (Jan 3 o Mar 7, 10 weeks) 
RSVP [email protected]
Saturdays, 1:15 - 3:15pm, ages 4 to 12+ will enjoy indoor/outdoor yoga, nature exploration, meditation, journaling and more! see this link below (to see why yoga is so life-changing for kids)

Wednesday mornings 11:30 to 12:30.  To register or for more info:
EMAIL [email protected]

8 week series - Ongoing (Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm) with Kris & Jacqui,  to register

RSVP [email protected]

THAI YIN  -$99+HST (4 classes)/ $179+HST (8 classes) 
Email Florence for more info on this combination of Thai Massage and Yin Yoga... she also does private sessions.

Weds 7:30pm (Nov 22 - Dec 13), Fri 1:30 (Nov 10 - Jan 5), email Florence to get your spot:  [email protected]
Slow down, turn inwards and relax. We combine Thai Yoga Massage with its healing touch, Yin Yoga with long held poses for joints and connective tissues and Restorative poses to encourage relaxation. Leave feeling rejuvenated!  To join -  [email protected]

We also offer PRIVATE: YOGA CLASSES, REIKI AND THAI MASSAGE (email us for more info) [email protected]

*Please note that series packages are based on a specific number of people in the program and are therefore non-refundable. 

KUNDALINI & MANTRA MADNESS - part of our regular schedule during Kundalini:

Mantra Madness - will continue through the winter (Jan to May) with Kundalini and new mantras each week. Learn about the power of Mantra and how it can rewire your brain and raise your vibration and consciousness to attract everything you want in your life. The Magic part of Mantra is that you begin to notice subtle changes in yourself and in others. You will attract opportunities and new experiences. like a magnet you'll attract vibrations to you by what you send out.

RELAX, RESTORE, REJUVENATE, coming again soon ($49 - 2 hours) with Audrey and Florence... two blissful hours of Thai Massage, Reiki and Restorative yoga, "just what the doctor ordered" and what you deserve to help you unwind and de-stress.  It's limited to 8 max RSVP [email protected]


For much more information or to reserve: [email protected] 

COMING IN SPRING...LOSE INCHES IN HOURS! Incorporating the Slim & Sassy* Essential Oil blend, along with other essential oils, into a body wrap can help detox fat cells, rid the body of excess water, and help release weight, as well as shed inches from the wrapped area.  We're working out a plan with our doTERRA rep to come up  with an "easy" way (i.e., pre-mixed), so stay tuned.  Suse is experimenting on herself and if she likes the results... you win!)

P.E.M.F. THERAPY - Also known as BIO-ENERGY HEALING, it only takes about 10 minutes to relax on our electro-magnetic field therapy mat and feel the effects that heal and repair your cells.   EMAIL us so we can hook you up...  

Here are just a few of the benefits:
- enhances and supports the body's    ability to heal and de-stress
-  increases energy, vitality and    productivity
- promotes anti-aging by minimizing  the negative effects of cell towers,  cell phones, wifi, computers  & microwaves)

We STILL do $20/session or $80 for 5 sessions - this unique healing method uses pulsating electromagnetic fields - it's a bed, you lie on it for 8 to 10 minutes and just relax, as your cells regenerate and your body feels renewed and invigorated.  Email Suse to make an appointment: [email protected]  

LEARN TO JOURNAL with Linda on Saturdays (Start Date TBA - EMAIL US IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, so we can start when we have a "group"), 11:00 to noon, $99) If you're ready to learn the basics and get into the "discipline" of journalling through meditation, yoga and your heart...THIS is the series for you... just 4 sessions will help you bring this gift into your life.  See our poster in the lounge for more info.

 RSVP [email protected]


For book titles, meeting dates (usually 3rd Thursdays at 1:30) and more info, please Email Diana Armstrong. [email protected]


2018 -  weekend yoga and/or wine parties! We can also do a special "Belly-dancing" class, so if you've got something to celebrate -  Big birthday, Bachelorette, Shower, Retirement? Email us for details [email protected].

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The Divine Destination Collection

YOU GOTTA CHECK THIS OUT... BALI - it's the next totally Divine Destination, so... please go to their website for all the details!  Think "Christmas", "Birthday", Bucket List?  and book it, before it's sold outif you can. 

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