Mastering Yoga & Teacher Training PROGRAM

Yoga Alliance 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program held
at In The Spirit Yoga in Scarborough,


Mastering Yoga & Teacher Training PROGRAM

Yoga Alliance 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program held
at In The Spirit Yoga in Scarborough,


We are proud to offer our Life Cosmic yoga teacher training program at In The Spirit Yoga to all students in a unique module format that is welcoming to all levels, with careful consideration to the commitments that you may already have is at the forefront; while providing you the ability to explore and pursue the depths of yogic knowledge with the highest quality education, resources and lectures. 

This non-religious, but spiritual yoga program is designed to awaken the consciousness of what yoga is truly inviting, and what it is asking most honestly for. To be separate in non-separation is the great illusion that begets the heart of all yogic teachings. THIS COURSE IS FOR THOSE WILLING TO ILLUMINATE THEIR OWN UNDERSTANDING BY FOLLOWING THE JOURNEY OF STUDY, EACH AT THEIR OWN PACE, TO A DEEPER REALIZATION OF THE SPIRITUAL CONNECTION THROUGH THE BODY, IN THE MIND, WITH THE BREATH.

Alx, a teacher of teachers, has travelled and taught extensively, having practiced in various traditions with preeminent teachers in Canada, India and Peru. As most know, he is uniquely gifted in gifting others the resources for experiencing their own source.

The consciousness and conscientiousness of showing up for others begins by first showing up for ourselves; and so, through the rigour of loving practice, and in the spirit of all true seeking, we can excavate the essential self; rebirth our remembrance; and bring forth spiritual strength and surrender to all that abides within each of us. Yoga informs the nature of the ‘I’ to what is forever within and around the individuated consciousness. To remain in a state of constant awareness is a measure of being, rather than an act of doing; an inner experience of wisdom and seeing all of self-identification free of itself. TO PRESERVE THE PRACTICE, ONE MUST FIRST SIT STILL LONG ENOUGH TO LEARN HOW TO MOVE WITHOUT MOVING, AND IN MOVING, BE STILL ENOUGH TO SEE WITHOUT SITTING.

To know the true union of yoga is to know the personal experience of both knowledge and understanding, integrating and awakening the experience of knowledge into the knowledge of experience and witness the unbroken awareness that arises from all that divides. 


Want to learn Yoga? Join us for our FREE information session, Saturday April 9, 2016, from 12PM - 1PM in the Lounge and sit down with Alx (your YTT guide). Stretching far beyond the physical, Alx's Yoga Teacher Training series will bring you on a personal journey, venturing inward, starting with the physical, merging into the metaphysical, and grounding it in the philosophical! ALL LEVELS are welcome. From beginner to advanced practitioner, learn the true art of Yoga by first Mastering the Experience; then Mastering the Knowledge of that Experience; to finally learning how to Share That Experience with others. It's a special series class that you will surely never forget!




Foundations I
Fundamentals I
Foundations II
Fundamentals II
Meditation I
5 Elements
Meditation II
Philosophy I
Anatomy I
Philosophy II
Anatomy II
Breathing I
Movement I
Breathing II
Movement II
Yin I
Yin II
Yin IV
Yin V
Granthis I
Granthis II
Granthis III
Meditation III
Meditation IV

Philosophy III
Philosophy IV
Movement III
Movement IV
Pranayama I
Pranayama II
Meditation V
Meditation VI
Koshas I
Koshas II
Chakras I
Kundalini I
Chakras II
Kundalini II
Cadaver Clinic
Hatha I
Hatha II
Sequencing I
Hatha III
Hatha IV
Sequencing II
Hatha V
Sequencing III
Restorative I
Restorative II

Teaching I
Teaching II
Teaching III
Teaching IV
Teaching V
Meditation VII
Bandhas I
Meditation VIII
Bandhas II
Practicums I
Practicums II
Practicums III

*Note - price includes: course materials & books, unlimited yoga classes for the duration of each segment, specialty guest instructors workshops, and hst.  Visa, MasterCard, Interac, and cash are accepted; payment plans are available.


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